Wednesday, March 25, 2009


006 009

Custom table for Chi Omega in Norman Oklahoma

007 008

Damask, leopard, and stripes.  Custom work.

021 020

Blue chest with pale lime green and cream flowers.

027 028 029 030 033 035

Custom painted and decorated girls room.  I painted the Harlequin on the walls, rearranged, installed shelves, painted letter "S" on the wall and redecorated the entire room. 

070 071

Custom wall in another girls room.  The dots in between each Harlequin are actually mirrors.

002 004

Picture that I painted for my bedroom.

033 034 035

Custom painted built-ins in bedroom.


  1. It all looks fabulous! love your painting! Jen

  2. love these!!
    kari & kijsa

  3. I really really wish you would tell me how to paint the damask, leopard and swirly things on the striped table. I currently have a plain black antique dresser than needs attention. I just know I could do it if you would give me a few pointers! ...............
    C.G. in Arkansas

  4. Would you care to share how you paint the brocade, leopard and "swirly things"? I would really love to try this on a very plain dresser I have.
    You guys are waaaaaaay talented! Love your blog.

  5. Oh sheesh! I didn't mean to comment twice!